Unicorn ice cream birthday cake

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A fun Unicorn themed cake to be the star at a birthday celebration!

Per serving: 87kcals, 3.3g fat (2.3g saturated), 11.3g sugars, 0.0g sodium

Created for HB Hazelbrook Farm by MummyPages.ie

2 HB Hazelbrook Farm Neapolitan Ice Cream blocks
1 kiwi, cut into small dices
1/2 mango, cut into small dices
100g strawberries, sliced
100g blueberries
100g raspberry
1 ice cream cone
1 wafer
50g white chocolate, melted
10g dark chocolate, melted


  • First, make the Unicorn horn. Dip the cone into melted white chocolate and turn in sprinkles to cover completely. Set aside to dry.
  • Cut corners of wafer to create Unicorn ears.  Dip in melted chocolate and cover in sprinkles also. Set aside to dry.
  • Transfer dark melted chocolate into a piping bag and draw the eyes of the unicorn on a sheet of parchment paper. Set aside to dry.
  • Place the two blocks of ice cream, one on top of the other, on a serving plate. Acting quickly, place the fruits on the top of the block, creating a rainbow display: blueberry, kiwi, mango, strawberry and raspberry.
  • Place the cone and wafers at one end of the cake to create the horn and ears, then place the eyes on the front to create the unicorn’s face. Serve immediately.