Fishy Ice Cream Sandwich

A cute twist on the ice cream sandwich!

Per serving: 89kcals, 2.3g fat (1.7g saturated), 4.8g sugars, 0.0g sodium

Created for HB Hazelbrook Farm by

1 HB Hazelbrook Farm Vanilla Ice Cream block
2 wafers
1 blueberry
1 swish of chocolate sauce


  • Cut one slice off the HB Hazelbrook Farm Vanilla Ice Cream block.
  • Place a wafer on a plate and place the ice cream slice on top.
  • Cut wafer into triangle and a half circle to create the tail and fin.
  • Place the wafers into the ice cream slice in fin and tail positions.
  • Place blueberry on face for the eye. 
  • Using a toothpick, create a mouth with chocolate sauce.
  • Put sprinkles on half of the ice-cream slice to look like scales on the body of the fish.
  • Enjoy!