EUROSPAR Supermarket supports St Vincent de Paul this Christmas


EUROSPAR Supermarkets are proudly supporting the St Vincent de Paul (SVP) Empty Plate Appeal this year, which is aimed at ensuring not one child goes hungry this festive season with all in-store donations being repatriated within local communities so those most in need this Christmas don’t do without.

All in-store donations are distributed within the local community and, this year, as an additional measure, EUROSPAR Supermarkets will also be making an additional donation from selected own-brand sales in store.

With nearly one third of all calls received each year by SVP a request for food, EUROSPAR Retailers are facilitating shoppers donating non-perishable items at their local EUROSPAR Supermarket for the benefit of their local St Vincent de Paul Conference. While shopping in EUROSPAR Supermarkets shoppers are asked to place any non-perishable items in the trolley or receptacle designated for the ‘Empty Plate Appeal’.

The campaign is taking place through Christmas and into early New Year and in order to allay any concerns around the distribution and transferal of food, all contributions will be converted to their monetary value at the end of the campaign and will be converted into EUROSPAR Vouchers. The vouchers will then be given to the local St Vincent de Paul Conference.

How to get involved? While shopping at your local EUROSPAR if you please pick up some non-perishable items and add these to your shopping and then place then in the donation box after the tills.

Thank you very much for supporting the St Vincent de Paul Empty Plate Appeal this year and donating in your local EUROSPAR Supermarket.