Cinnamon & Yogurt Pancakes

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Serves: 1
125g Self raising flour
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon Caster sugar
120g natural yogurt
1 beaten egg
5 tablespoon low fat milk
2 teaspoon butter
2 teaspoon honey
70g fruit


1. Place flour in mixing bowl with the cinnamon and sugar. Place a well in the middle of this dry mixture.

2. In a separate bowl mix the 100g of the yogurt, beaten egg and milk with a fork.

3. Place a pan on medium heat and add 1 tsp of butter.

4. Pour half of the mixture into the pan, turning once brown on one side.

5. When cooked (light and fluffy – will not be a very thin pancake) remove from pan.

6. Top with remaining natural yogurt (10g per pancake), 1 tsp honey and 35g of fruit.