Defib at Moran's EUROSPAR Supermarket Drogheda!


Moran’s EUROSPAR Drogheda install public AED inside their supermarket

Great news this week as a new Defibrillator has been launched at Moran’s EUROSPAR Drogheda. The potentially life saving cardiac equipment will be available during store hours (Monday to Saturday 8am to 10pm, Sundays from 8.30am to 9pm) to anyone passing by the supermarket, the local community and business and sports clubs in the area. The code for the locked cabinet is available in store or by contacting 999.

The Defibrillator at every EUROSPAR Supermarket programme sees individual EUROSPAR Supermarkets raise funds for the installation of a publicly accessible, automatic defibrillator to be located at their supermarket. Funds are raised through in-store collection, community fund-raising activities and contributions from the sale of a selection of SPAR Range products.

When a heart stops beating from cardiac arrest every second counts. The chances of recovery are reduced by 7 – 10% after each 60 seconds. Effective CPR coupled with the use of a defibrillator within the first 3 – 5 minutes of cardiac arrest can produce survival rates in the 49% – 75% range. This is the significance of the new Defibrillator at every EUROSPAR Supermarket initiative for each community in Ireland served by a EUROSPAR Supermarket.

According to Malachy Hanberry, EUROSPAR Managing Director, “EUROSPAR Supermarkets are located at the heart of local communities. Therefore, we wanted to come up with an initiative that looks after the well-being of the people in our communities and what better way than to install defibrillators at our stores. EUROSPAR is focused, in a very tangible way, on helping to save lives in the local community and I want to congratulate Derek Moran, Amanda, Derek, Aaron and the whole team at Moran’s EUROSPAR Drogheda.”