Oreo Christmas Pops

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A great way to keep the kids busy by making some Christmas gifts for their friends.


30 to 60 minutes
Only time for melting chocolate
Serves: As many as you want
Oreos (double stuffed)
Coloured melting/cooking chocolates, red, green, white (candy melts)
Candy eyes or fondant to make the eyes
Lollypop sticks
Sprinkles & stars for the trees
Mini pretzel twists for the reindeer
Christmas ribbon
M&M’s or Smarties for Santa & the reindeer
Edible glitter (optional)


Santa Oreo pop: Dip the Oreo in melted chocolate, dipping red more than half on the one side and white a quarter of the way (you can do one side at a time if it is easier and wait for each to dry). Gently push the lollypop stick into the bottom of the Oreo, right in the centre of where the white is. Place on wax paper and allow to set. Once set, add a red ball (a Smartie or M&M) at side of the red to create end of the hat. Sticks eyes into the centre.

Reindeer Oreo pops: Separate a double stuffed Oreo, carefully. Dip a lollypop stick into melted chocolate and push it into the cream side of the Oreo, then replace the other cookie and press gently to sandwich the stick inside the Oreo. Allow to set. Break mini pretzel twists to get antler shapes. Dip into melted chocolate and stick into the top of the Oreo to create the ears. Use M&M and eyes to create the face, stick on with melted chocolate and finished off with a ribbon bow at the base of the cookie on the stick.

Christmas tree Oreo pops: dip about one third of a double stuffed Oreo into white melted chocolate, and then gently push a lollypop stick into the Oreo in the middle of the white chocolate. Place on wax paper to set. Melt green chocolate and put into a paper piping bag and drizzle onto the biscuit to form a tree shape (zigzag). Add sprinkles and a star shape at the top. Allow to dry. Great to also sprinkle some edible glitter for sparkle on it.