Pasta and Broccoli Bake

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Comforting and healthy – what more could you ask for?

3 mins
27 mins
Serves: 4
400g (16oz) penne pasta
250g (10oz) broccoli
2 tbsp (30ml) olive oil
1 onion, finely chopped
25g (1oz) butter
25g (1oz) plain flour
400ml (15fl oz) milk
1 tsp mustard
100g (4oz) mature cheddar, plus some for the topping
1 slice white bread
1 tsp mixed herbs
Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Put the pasta and broccoli on to simmer. Fry the onion for a few minutes and set aside. Meanwhile, make a roux sauce with the butter, flour, mustard and milk, adding the milk gradually and stirring continuously to avoid lumps. Add the cheese, and remove from the heat, stirring until melted. Preheat the grill to medium. When the pasta and broccoli are cooked, drain, and mix with the onion. Transfer to a casserole dish. Pour the sauce on top. Blend the bread so that it makes breadcrumbs and combine with a little more cheese and the mixed herbs. Spread over the top of the pasta and broccoli. Grill for 7 minutes or until the top is crispy.