Be Inspired on World Heart Day


Happy World Heart Day.

Small changes can make a powerful difference. On World Heart Day, we want you to take charge of your heart and be heart-healthy. Eating and drinking well gives your heart the fuel it needs for you to live your life. Get inspired with our heart-healthy recipes.

For a light dish, you can enjoy our delectable Mediterranean Baked Fish or a tasty Salmon Avocado Salad. As the weather begins to get colder, try making Loaded Sweet Potatoes, it’s perfect comfort food to have for dinner. If you’re feeling peckish, Raisin Oat Biscuits are a tasty snack and will help to keep you going between meals.

We would like to highlight on this significant day that EUROSPAR supermarkets are raising funds for the installation of a publicly accessible defibrillator (AED) which will be located outside your local EUROSPAR supermarket. Each time you purchase selected SPAR Range products, a donation will go towards the defibrillator fund in your local participating EUROSPAR supermarket.